My Weekend

There were a couple of things that excited me over the weekend that I thought I would share with you.
First was these beautiful cushions that I have been eyeing off for a while. They are from Ishka and made in India. I just made it in on the last day of their sale. They are soft and velvety and come in a variety of colours.
The other thing that my stomach was very happy with was this yummy breaky I made on Saturday. Mmmm, Makes me hungry looking at it :)


Little Jackrabbits said...

Ahh.. Those are the pillows. I just couldn't imagine them. They are so cool. great find. You love Ishka :)

Leni said...

thank you for a warm comment:*

p.s. sandwich looks delicious ;)

SonatasWelt said...

The pillows are wonderful!!! And your sandwich looks yummy :)

yeevon said...

The yellow pillow looks very lovely and god that brekkie really making me sooooo hungry now!!

I love simple and hearty breakfast!