I love life drawing!

Life drawing is a passion of mine and last year I indulged in a term of classes. I was nervous as I hadn't done it since back in my uni days, but I was pleased with some of my pieces and enjoyed it just as much as I used to. My plan is to try something new every year. The previous year I took a course in pottery on the wheel, which I also loved. Vixen Lily now takes up a lot of my personal artistic time along with designing for an exhibition coming up in September. Soon I will post a sneak peak of the direction I am taking for it, but there is still alot of work to be done for it. I think I will have to leave it at that for my artistic endeavours for 2010.

Heat Pillows Batch #2 (Inspire)

I have finally made my new batch of heat pillows.
Choosing these different fabrics to previous. The fresh colours and funky patterns really set them off. I am really happy with the outcome and how my new tags have come up. I am selling them for $15 each. They measure approx. 35cm x 15cm.


A couple more things..

These are the hammered tin boxes i got in Bali.
I love the intricate detail, I got 2 sets of these.
Below these is just a little glass plate i got from
Target to hold a candle.

House, House!

This week I finally got to spend a voucher I've had for a while, at House. Some pretty little plates, 6 bowls and of course a lolly Jar. Now all I need is a... House!
Can't wait to put it all to use.

Nanna's Books

Hi, sorry it's been a while since I blogged..
I have been meaning to show you some of these old books that I had lots of fun playing with as a kid at my Nanna's house. Now that I'm older I appreciate the illustration and intricate pop-ups. enjoy!


Print Happy

I'm really happy with how my business cards have come up.
While I was away in Bali I had them printed, along with tag labels
I can use on any future products I create. Some are a bit dodgy but
who can complain when it's so cheap! Here's a sneak peak...
I have also registered an email address sales@vixenlily.com
where I can be contacted. Hope you like!


Back from holidays...

Hi guys! I got back this morning from Bali, a long awaited holiday in the sun. It was what I needed, time to relax and rejuvenate. Some of my highlights included massages, horse riding, the scenery, sun and the food of course, Yum!


I'm Inspired!! Coming soon...

This is the new fabric I bought for my new range of heat pillows.
I'm excited too see how they turn out.
I won't be starting until I return from a holiday in Bali, at last it's here!! There I plan to print my business cards, paper/ribbon tags
and become inspired. Wish me luck :)