Getting Creative, It's a Hoot!

There are a million other things I should be doing right now, but I just had an itch to be creative. These are some owls I drew the other night during one of my midnight doodle sessions.
I am exploring the idea of getting fabrics printed and even tea towels, but one step at at time :)


La Couture

Working full time for a fantastic greeting card company, Artwrap, I get the opportunity to design and illustrate artwork for some great projects. This is a card range I have designed called 'La Couture'.
If you would like to view some of Artwrap's other great ranges you can visit their website here. 


Icon attack

These are some icons I created for a brochure promoting the
The Bellarine Peninsula and Great Ocean Road in Victoria. You may recognise some as Loch Ard Gorge, The 12 Apostles and Portland Cable tram. There are some great places to visit here, you can find info here.


from the past

My mum has given me some old magazines found at my nanna's house dating back to the 60's. There is some fun stuff to read and plenty of great images to look at. Here's a snapshot, I love looking at this old stuff and seeing how trends have evolved. And wouldn't it be great if magazines still cost 45c...


Paper, Paint & Pixels!

Slowly I have been working towards a group exhibition I am participating in during September. It will be my first showing so I am very excited, but nervous at the same time. Things are starting to come together but I still have a long way to go. Here is a bit of a peek at what direction I am taking. I am creating colourful collages that I am then transferring onto tiles and glazing. I am happy with the outcome so far but time is running out so head down, bum up!


A spike in time

This is a new/old treasure of mine. I acquired this timepiece from my Nanna after she sadly passed away last month.
This clock hung in my grandparents house ever since the 60's and I have always admired it. This retro sunburst clock will now happily hang in my house. Let's hope I can get it working.



As a tribute to my boyfriend Scott I have decided to show off his one and only masterpiece for his birthday coming up on saturday. He surprised me with his attention to detail and willingness to learn. 
He's a good little painter isn't he :)


Little birdies

When searching for some bird images the other day I came across these cute little water colours. My fave is the 'Blue Tit' as Matt explains, the cute yellow/green bellied one. Matt Sewell is the illustrator, you can view his website/blog here. He also had some other nice art you might like to check out.


more Doodles

I have been keeping up with my nightly doodles. Some of the characters I have expanded to a larger scale and played with colour in photoshop. Hope you like :)


midnight doodles

These days I never get around to plain old drawing. I've taken it upon myself to allocate some time to just doodle. The time I have found falls around midnight, when I am tucked up in bed. Maybe it's my dreams coming out before I sleep, spooky!

My Mess

Welcome to my studio! It's a big mess at the moment, well who am I kidding, always... Those who know me would know this is pretty normal for me. Anyway, just wanted to give you a bit of an insight into my working space.