I have had this idea in the back of my mind for a while,
so I thought I'd whip something up while I was thinking of it.
I want to create a range of similar retro inspired patterns
that give a kaleidoscope effect.
This pattern is made up of only one shape,
but when repeated and layered becomes really effective.
I'm looking forward to playing around with this!!


and the winner is....

Sorry it took so long, I have finally drawn a winner
for my giveaway that ended on Friday. 

And the lucky winner is....
Jess is a graphic designer with a cute and creative blog called
Feast & Stitches. Take a look!
Thanks to everyone who entered, I really appreciate you 
taking an interest in my creative and artistic ventures :)


GIVE AWAY! Last Days!!

Hi guys, don't forget to comment on my give away post to have the chance to win one of my pieces. All of my followers are eligible to enter so get in before time runs out, I will be drawing the winner on Friday.
Thanks for all your lovely comments so far, I love hearing from everyone! Good Luck!

Kat Macleod

If you haven't already experienced the amazing work of Kat Macleod then you are missing out! Over the years I have admired her work through Michi Girl and her publications, 2 that I have are 'Like I give a Frock' and 'The Cocktail'. Both are full of her amazing illustrations. Her technique is unique to herself, often she uses sketchy pencil line work, water colour and collage of paper fabric and more.
You can find a detailed interview with her at The Design Files
and below is a video of her design process.
Hope this inspires you, it has certainly inspired ME!

Kat Macleod's Process from Jacky Winter on Vimeo.


Finders Keepers

What a beautiful weekend we just had here in Melbourne and what a great day it was for the first Melbourne Finders Keepers market. Held in a shed on South Warf in the Docklands, this market promotes and sells goods from a whole range of upcoming and well known artists, designers and creators.
Fineders Keepers market is held in both Sydney and Brisbane and you can find info for upcoming markets here http://www.thefinderskeepers.com/
Here are a couple of shots I took of the market and its surrounds.
I highly recommend getting to one of these markets if you can!



It has been a while since I have posted something brand new, so I did some doodle-ing tonight and turned them into this. The characters stem from some doodles I did a while back (you may need to check my older posts to see) and I drew a few other characters as well, so check up for future posts of my little doodle characters! I call her Maree after my mum. In the 80's and 90's she got a few crazy poodle perms that reminded me of this :)